Crop Circle Exhibition & Centre

01_CropCircleExhibitionCentre2017Dear Friends and Colleagues,
we are very happy to invite you to this year’s Crop Circle Exhibition & Centre in its new home – The Barge Inn at Honeystreet.
With your help and important support we were again able to update the exhibition that started at the Wiltshire Museum and was hosted for the last two years in St. Peters Church of Marlborough. With The Barge Inn the Crop Circle Exhibition & Centre now joins the phenomenon’s most famous pub and together with its new owners we look forward seeing you there for a pint (…at least) and talk.
…The Crop Circle Exhibition & Centre is open from 15th July – 13th August 2017, daily 11am-5pm with Free Entry.
If you want to support us even more, please feel free to feature one the attached banner to your website. (you can resize it of course for your needs.) Please link it to … and please share the site-like via your social media channels like Facebook etc. 😃

Many Thanks and Best Wishes
Monique & Andreas

Datum: Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017 20:31
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